Invite participants


  1. Select 'Invite' on the right side of the screen.



  1. "Invite" has four options.

Invite team, staff colleagues: Invite from the list of company members.

Project participants: Invite people from the Participant list who have worked on the project together at least once.

Send invitations by email: Enter an email and send a project invitation to entered email

Invitation link: Copy the unique URL for the project.



  1. ‘Invite team, staff colleagues and Project party' are good to invite internal staff (team) and existing co-workers. 'Send events by email and Invitation link' are ideal for inviting first-time flowers. Especially for 'Invitation link', copying and pasting them into a single chat room or bulletin board is a convenient way to invite multiple users at once.



  1. Select 'Plus icon' in the upper right corner of the project.



  1. 'Invite in a differential way' offers a number of ways to invite.

<Invite in a different way>

Flow: Users who worked on the project

Kakao Talk: Kakao Talk friends

Line: Line friends

Band: Band participants

Text: Invite by text message by entering mobile number

Email: Enter email address to invite by mail

Invitation link: Create a link to invite


  1. In 'Invite using contacts', you can invite them over to the phone number stored on your phone.

<How to invite>


Search name: Search by name in the list

Add email manually: Invite by entering in email format (Ex:

Add mobile number manually: Invite by entering in mobile number format (Ex: 01012345678)

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