Hide project


You may not want to receive all notifications from your whole participated projects. For example, there’s a participated project you might refer to it later, but not at the moment since you might not have specific roles in there. In this case, you can hide the project(you can search and participate in it later) and you won’t be notified any updates from that project.


1. Inside of the project, choose the More(vertical ellipsis; next to the Brush icon) on the right side of the project title, and select 'Hide Project'.



2. Hidden projects can be viewed through the 'Hiding' in the Label section on the left side menu.




1. Select 'Info' in the bottom line of the project..



2. Select 'Hide'.



3. To view a hidden project, select view more(triple-lines) on the upper left corner of the main screen. Select 'Hiding'.



4. If you want to unhide the project, select ‘Hiding’ and go to the hidden project, then select 'Unhide' through the project information.



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