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There may be things you do not want to receive update notifications from in your active projects. For example, you can refer to the project later, but you do not need to share or participate in the current situation. If you hide the project in this case, you can browse it later, but you will not be notified about the update.


1. Select the More (Brush icon) right vertical button at the top right of the project, and select 'Hide Project'.



2. Hidden projects can be viewed through the 'Hidden' menu at the bottom of the archive.




1. Select 'Information' from the project bottom bar.



2. Select 'Hide Project' from the project information.



3. To view a hidden project, swipe left > right on the main top to open the Archive menu. Select 'Hidden' at the bottom of the archive.



4. If you want to cancel the hidden project, select 'Unhide Project' in the project information. Projects that you unhide will be moved to unarchive.


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