User Management (employees)


- Select "Admin Settings" at the top of the main page.

- This button is visible only to "General Administrators" (Not visible to regular employees).



- Select 'User Management' from the company menu on the left side of the administrator screen.

- You can see all employees' names, departments, positions, emails, cell phones, contacts, web/mobile connection date, access devices, status, and administrator status.

- Select 'Appoint' as Administrator on the far-right side of the employee you want to change as an administrator.

- Select 'Remove' on the far right of the employee who wants to disable the administrator.

- If you change the status to ‘Suspend’, the employee will no longer be able to use the flow.

(In case of Bizplay account, you must change the status value in Bizplay. This is only available for enterprise accounts.)

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