Manage company projects


- Select "Admin Settings" at the top of the main page.

- This button is visible only to "General Administrators" (Not visible to regular employees).



- Select Manage Company Project' from the company menu on the administrator screen.

- You can see 'Recent activity date and time, creation date and time, project name, number of posts and comments, and creator (ID)'.

- Company projects automatically involve the entire staff in the project at the same time they are created. Later, when new employees are added, they are automatically added to the project. And also, if they delete an account, they will be automatically removed. However, you cannot export employees and invite other participants, so please only create them if you really need them.

- New company projects can be added via the '+Register' menu in the upper left corner.



- Enter a project name, select each option, and select Save to create a company project.

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