What is your account policy?

Q. What is a guest account?

A. If you start with Google, Kakao Talk, or Flow account, it will be created as a free account. You can then upgrade it to a freelance or enterprise rate plan.


Q. I can't see the flow own account button. Where can I find it?

A. When you sign up, enter your name, email, and password in the field and select 'Sign up' to create your own account. Simply put, when you subscribe by email, you can think of it as your own account.


Q. Google account is also in the form of an email, but is not it an own account?

A. Google accounts are different from own accounts because they only go through the process of authenticating.


Q. Does the free version mean the same as the guest rate plan?

A. The guest rate plan is the name of the service product that you can use free of charge.


Q. Will my data disappear after a certain period of time if I use free account?

A. The recorded articles and files are not deleted, but are kept. However, when using the guest plan, you cannot view files that are older than three months, nor can you search them.


Q. Can I use the guest plan for the first time and then upgrade to the enterprise plan?

A. Yes, you can upgrade to an enterprise rate plan at the Settings.


Q. What is the standard for guest plans to limit up to three project openings?

A. It is checked based on the user-created project. Projects created by other users are not restricted.


Q. If more than 10 people use the enterprise plan, the additional fee is charged. What is the standard for these 10 people?

A. It is included in 10 people only if they are registered together as a team or company. Simply put, it counts internal participants only, no matter how many external participants you invite.


Q. Please explain how the additional fee will be charged for more than 10 people in the enterprise rate system. (Applied from March 1st, 2019.)

A. 40,000 won will be charged for 1 to 10 people. If there are more than 10 people, 4,900 won (per capita/month) will be added from the 11th person. Please refer to the example below when using 15 people.


  • Existing 10 people: 40,000 won
  • 5 additional people: 24,500 won
  • Total : 40,000 + 24,500 = 54,500 won


Q. Does the plan include VAT?

A. VAT is not included. 10% will be added to the total price.


Q. Can I sign up for a server-installed (build type) plan myself?

A. Please contact us to determine the number and details of use to determine service charges for the service.

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