What is the difference between guest plan and business plan?

The difference between guest and business plans are as follows.


For business plan users,

1. There are no restrictions on project opening(creation).

: Free users can create up to three projects.


2. You can be registered as a same company(team) member and access premium features together.

: When you invite someone into a project, you can add registered users and it will be easier to manage their accounts(when they enter and leave).


3. You can upload a file up to 300MB at once.

: Free users are restricted to 10MB at once.


4. Unlimited file storage is provided, and you can search and access registered data for an unlimited time period.

: Free users are restricted to one month.


5. Through the administrator-page, you can easily manage the account and monitor the usage of your team members.


6. Through the private-URL, people can easily join and access to account.

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