What is the difference between the guest rate and the team rate plan?

The difference between guest and team plans is as follows.


1. There are no restrictions on the project opening.

: In the case of a guest plan, you can open up to three projects.

2. You can register as the same company (team) and use it together.

: When you invite to a project, it is easy to add registered users and you can manage the account for entry/leave.

3. You can upload one file up to 300 MB.

: In the case of a guest plan, you will be limited to 10 MB once.

4. We provide unlimited storage, search and inquiry of registered data for an unlimited period.

: In the case of a guest plan, the period of viewing and search of registered data is limited to one month.

5. We provide an administrator page to help you manage and to understand the status of your staff (team).

6. We offer a team-dedicated domain (URL), which makes it easy to access and join.

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