Are there other payment methods other than card payment?

In addition to card payment, the flow supports automatic transfer. But you have to submit two documents to us. Please refer to the procedure below for more information.


  1. On the Enter payment information page, select 'Apply' for automatic withdrawal (CMS) payment at the top.



  1. Please send the following document to the Flow Team mail ( or to '1:1 Inquiry' within the service.

- Company name, contact name, email address (Write it in e-mail.)
- Automatic withdrawal application form
- Copy of business registration certificate (Corporation only)



  1. The 'Automatic withdrawal application form' should be written according to the following contents.

- Application Information > Applicant: Applicant's name (employee or representative etc.)
- Name of payment company: Bank name of the account to be automatically debited
- Payment person name: Enterprise account name (Personal name if personal account)
- Billing number: Account number
- Mobile phone number of payment person: Applicant's mobile phone number (Contact person)
- Applicant: Applicant's name / Seal
- Payment person: Enterprise name / Seal


  1. If there are no issues with your documents, we will change your account to a paid account, and we will notify you by email or '1:1 contact'.
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