How is my payment calculated?

Trial period provided

The enterprise rate plan offers a one-month trial period after signing up. After 1 month, you have to register your payment information. If you do not register, you cannot use it.

Ex) If you join on January 10, you will experience a trial period until February 9.


Calculate monthly payment

40,000 won will be charged for 1 to 10 people. If there are more than 10 people, 4,900 won (per capita/month) will be added from the 11th person. Please refer to the example below when using 15 people.

- Existing 10 people: 40,000 won

- 5 additional people: 24,500 won

- Total : 40,000 + 24,500 = 54,500 won


Team plan payment method

Payment can be made by credit card and automatic transfer. For a card, please register your card number in payment information. Both personal and enterprise cards are supported. For automatic withdrawal, please download the application form from the top of the payment page and send it to with business registration card.


Post-pay and settlement date

The usage fee is paid by post-pay, and the 10th of the month is the settlement date.

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