What if I use all the basic capacities?

If you are out of your capacity and need some more, you can purchase extra capacity by 1TB.


1. For guest

 : Guest account users cannot purchase extra storages and, need to be upgraded to business version.


2. For business account users

: You can purchase extra storage. (50,000 for 1TB and tax isn’t included) If you need more(lots of spaces), you need to discuss with us.

Please contact us through ‘1:1 contact’ on the program, or to


EX) For 10 people using a 1.6 TB 

- Basic offer (~500 GB): 50,000 won /mo

- Additional purchase (~1.5 TB): 100,000 won /mo (50,000 won for 1TB)

- Additional purchase (~2.5 TB): 140,000 won /mo (100,000 won for 2TB)


4. On-premise

: You need to purchase the extra storage by 1TB unit(50,000 won). However, it is negotiable when you request the on-premise service.

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