What can a project manager do?

Project(task) managers can edit or delete projects, and give permissions on posting and file downloading to members. Project managers can create the project for the first time and automatically be the manager or other members can be authorized as managers by existing managers. To change these authorizations in each projects, select settings(next to the project title; vertical ellipsis) and use ‘Project manager settings’ menu.



  • Modify project: Change various options for project management. (For example, you can set who can participate to the project)
  • Delete project: You can delete the project, but you need to delete all of the uploaded posts on the project first.
  • Set Posts/ Comments Creation permissions: If you select 'Only project managers can create', only assigned managers can write posts/comments in the project.



  • Set file download permissions: If you select 'Project manager only downloadable', only the assigned manager can download the uploaded files on the project.


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