The mobile app does not notify me

If you don't receive a notification from mobile app, check the contents below.


1. If the notification option in the settings is turned off,

The mobile notification option might be turned off for your mobile app or computer. Please make sure that the notification is not turned off in the settings.



2. If the individual project notifications are turned off,

Even if the notification option is turned on in the settings, you can set notification settings by project. Please make sure that you do not have the 'Do not accept all' setting here.



3. If the disturbance time is set,

There is a ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature so you do not get notified at certain times so you can focus on your business hours. Please check to see if this feature has triggered notification issues.



4. If the app does not have push notification authority (iOS)

The first time you run the flow app, a notification permission message is displayed. You will not be notified the same way when 'Not allowed’ is selected. In this case, you can be notified again by selecting 'Allow notifications' by selecting the [Settings] – [Notification] – [Flow] app.



If it still does not work?

Please contact flow directly by mail! We will check it out quickly.


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