Manage participants


1. On the right side in the project, there is a whole participant list. Participants are divided into three different types. If you select ‘View all’, you can set options for each participant.

    <Participants types>

  • Project manager: Basically, the project creator becomes the manager, and has authority to set up the project.
  • External participants: Participants who do not belong in your company. (External partners)
  • Internal participants: Participants who belong in your company. (Staffs)



2. Select ‘View more’(Vertical ellipsis) on the right side to set individual participant options.

    <Participant options>

  • Dismiss(Unassign) manager: Revoke from manager.
  • Assign manager(administrator): Designate as project manager.
  • Leave: Leave the project.
  • Evict(Export): Administrator can dismiss (make someone to leave) participants from the project room.



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