Text 2.0


1. In Text 2.0, new features have been added. If you drag the text, you can adjust it. Additional editing feature allows that you can change the order of text and images when writing.

  • Bold: Makes texts thicker and blacker.
  • Italic: It tilts the text.(slope to the right)
  • Underline: Underline the text.
  • Strike through: Cross out selected texts.



2. You can attach files, photos like a description below. File attachments are uploaded in file format, and photo attachments can be previewed.

  <File attachment method>

  • Upload from PC: Upload files from PC
  • Import from Drop Box: Attach files from Dropbox (Dropbox account’s required)
  • Import from Google Drive: Attach files from Google Drive (Google Drive account’s required)



3. You can add places. If you search the location, Google Maps will give you the list. Just choose one of them to share.


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