Text 2.0 write


1. In Text 2.0, new features have been added. Select the desired text area to select the menu below. Additional editing features are added so that you can change it by selecting the order of text and images when writing.

  • Bold: Strongly emphasize the text.

  • Tilt: Tilt the text.

  • Underline: Underline the text.

  • Cancel: Mark the cancellation line in the text.


 2. Attachment method is as follows. File attachments are uploaded in file format, and photo attachments can be previewed.

<File attachment method>

  • Upload from PC: Upload files stored on user’s PC

  • Upload from Dropbox: Attach files stored in Dropbox (Dropbox account required)

  • Upload from Google Drive: Attach files stored on Google Drive (Google Drive account required)



3. Maps can be attached. Once you enter a search query, you can attach a map by choosing the place you want on Google Maps.

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