What are some features of Task function?

‘Task feature’ is a flow’s one of strong features. You can request tasks to someone, and proceed your works. Through this feature, you can easily request tasks, and track the progress at a glance.


Flow’s Task function has the advantages below.

1. It is possible to display the status of task progress with 5 steps. 

     "Request > Progress > Feedback > Complete > Pending" 

2. It is possible to designate the person in charge (You can choose multiple people)

3. All progresses and changes will be recorded and alerted to the person in charge.

4. Anyone who participates the project can manage the task status.

5. You can check your own task, requested task, and the whole task at a glance.


Please check the contents below as well.

 - Task creation (=Task request)

 - Add, change the person in charge

 - Check my task

 - Gather the tasks

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