What is the feature of "Task creation"?

‘Task creation’ is a function that is used when requesting task from the flow or doing task. You can easily ask for task and know the progress at a glance by utilizing the task creation function of the flow.


flow task creation has these advantages.

  1. It is possible to display the status of task progress. 

     "Request > Progress > Feedback > Complete > Hold" 

  1. It is possible to designate the person in charge (Multiple designation possible).
  2. All progress and changes will be recorded and a notification will be sent to the person in charge.
  3. Anyone in the project can manage their task status.
  4. You can check your task, requested task, and the whole task at a glance.


Please check the contents below as well.

 - Create a task (=Task request)

 - Add, change the person in charge

 - Check my task

 - Gather my task

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