Gather task

It provides 'Gather task' feature so that you can collect 'task' articles only between various projects and various types of articles.


1. How to gather task

There are two ways to gather the whole project and the tasks of a specific project.


[All task]

Select the "All Task" button on the left menu to see the tasks of all the projects you are participating in.

[Project task]

After entering the project, you can click the 'Task' button on the right menu to see the tasks of the project you are currently viewing. 


2. Use Task filter / Sort function / Search

[Search function]

At the top, you can quickly find tasks by task name, task number, author, contact person, and project name.

[Filter function]

You can quickly check only those items by selecting the task classification / status / priority / start date / deadline on the left.

[Sort function]

By clicking on the title area, you can sort tasks by ascending or descending order.


3. Use bundle/view settings

It supports bundle and view setting functions so that you can see the task list more efficiently.


[Bundle function]

You can group your listings by project criteria, status criteria, deadline criteria, and no criteria.

[View setting function]

You can select and view only the items you need from a variety of tasks.


4. Task details

In task details, you can see a large number of tasks and it provide a split screen for faster processing. When you check each task article, the screen is divided and details of each task can be checked. (If necessary, it supports the function to move to the article screen.)



1. Gather task (+Check report)

All task or project tasks can be found in the Task' tab at the bottom. You can see the task list on this screen. We also provide 'task reports' for individual projects. You can check the number and progress of each status.



2. Check individual task/change status

You can check each task in the list above and easily change status.

(Anyone in the project can change the person in charge, as well as task related items.)



3. Use task filter

[Filter function]

You can quickly select your task line (My task/Requested task/All task).

You can also select status / priority / start date / deadline to quickly check only those items.


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