Start a chat

There are two ways to start a chat.

1. Click the 'Speech bubble' on the upper right screen!

2. Click someone in the member list in the project!


1. Click the ‘Speech Bubble’ on the upper right screen to start a chat.

<Chat screen description>


1. Chat: Flow’s chat supports 1:1 (you can chat with yourself) / 1:N / project chats.

2. Notification settings: You can change chat notification setting.

    (You can turn on or off this push notifications or desktop notifications.)

3. New chat: Create a new chat room.

4. Search chat room: You can search for a chat room by the name of the chat room or the person who participated in.

5. Chat room list: You can see the list of chats by time order.


<Start a new chat>

- Invite a conversation partner: You can create a new chat room by choosing a conversation partner.


- Select from chat room list: You can select a specific person from the group chat members, and create a new chat room.      (1:1 conversation)


- Select from contact list: You can create a new chat room (1: 1 chat) by selecting someone from your contact list.



2. Click ‘Speech bubble’(right side of the screen) in the project room to start a chat

: You can start a 1: 1 chat with the users in the participants list on the right side of the screen.


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