Start a chat

There are two ways to start a chat.

  1.  Click 'Chat icon' on the upper right screen!
  2.  Click 'Chat icon' in the project!


  1. Click ‘Chat icon’ on the upper right screen to start a chat.

<Chat screen description>


  1. Chat: Flow chat supports 1:1 (you can chat with yourself) / 1:N / project chat.  
  2. Notification settings: Notification settings for chat can be changed.

(You can turn on or turn off push notifications or desktop notifications.)

  1. New chat: Create a new chat room.
  2. Search chat room: You can search for a chat room by the name of the chat room or the person participating in.
  3. Chat room list: You can see the list of chats currently in progress in chronological order.


<Start a new chat>

- Invite a conversation partner: You can create a new chat room by choosing conversation partner.



- Select from chat room list: You can create a new chat room (1:1 conversation) with the other party in your chat room.



- Select from contact list: You can create a new chat room (1: 1 chat) by selecting it from your contact list.



  1. Click ‘Chat icon’ within the project to start a chat

 : You can start a 1: 1 chat with the users in the participants list on the right side of the project detail screen.


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