How do I delete my account?

If you use Bizplay,

You can delete flow account on bizplay’s web site. (

1. After Log in to bizplay, click your name on top of the screen, then you’ll see your profile settings.


2. Select ‘Delete the account’.


If you signed up directly, or through a Google or a Kakao Talk,

We are truly sorry. Automatic withdrawal is in preparation. If you have any inconveniences or questions, please contact us through the link below. We will response you as fast as we can to handle the issues.



When I delete my account completely, will all data I created be deleted?

When you delete a flow membership, your posted data will not be automatically deleted and you cannot request us to delete it either. It may be inconvenient, but you should delete your own posts before you delete the account. The reason for not being automatically deleted is that the flow is a service that supports a business through the communication. If the records of communication with others are easily deleted through the withdrawal, it is the same as eliminating the whole working process and consequence for managing business.


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