Payment questions

Q. Can I pay with any cards?

A. Currently, all card payments are available except the Samsung Card.


Q. I received a text that “I was charged 1,000 won” when I made a payment.

A. It is a procedure to check if the card is working properly. It will be canceled immediately after the payment. If it has not been canceled yet, please contact us through 1:1 or email.


Q. I want to change my payment card. Where can I do it?

A. You can change the card at Account Information.


Q. I do not know the payment amount and the total amount. Where can I find this information?

A. After payment is completed, you will receive a payment confirmation email. (Invoice will be sent to the administrator’s email, before the actual payment)


Q. Can anyone make a payment?

A. Only the administrator can make a payment. If you are an administrator, there is a button at the top of the main page that allows you to make a payment. Administrator can appoint other employees as administrator too.


Q. Will the payment be made right after the payment is completed?

A. Since all paid versions are ‘pay-later’, you will not be charged immediately. It is just a process of registering card information for a payment. On each 10th day of the months, the payment will be made based on your previous month’s plan/usage.


Q. Can I pay on mobile?

A. No, currently we do not offer mobile payment service.


Q. Where can I contact about payment?

A. Use '1:1 contact' in the flow app, or email us to ''.

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