Payment questions

Q. Can I pay with any card?

A. Currently, all card payments are available except Samsung Card.


Q. I received a text saying I was charged 1,000 won when I paid.

A. It is a procedure to check if the card is normal when registering the card, and it will be canceled immediately after payment. If it has not been canceled yet, please contact us at 1:1 or email.


Q. I want to change my payment card. Where can I do it?

A. You can change the card in the General Administrator Settings menu.


Q. I do not know the payment amount and the total amount. Where can I find such information?

A. After payment is made for the actual fee, you will receive a payment confirmation email. And also your invoice will also be sent to you by administrator email before payment.


Q. Can anyone make a payment?

A. Only the administrator can make payment. If you are an administrator, there is a button at the top of the main page that allows you to make a payment. Administrators may appoint other employees as managers.


Q. Will the payment be made as soon as the payment is completed?

A. Since all paid versions are post-pay, you will not be charged immediately. It is the process of registering card information that can be paid. On the 10th day of the month, a payment is made and the amount used for the transfer is paid.


Q. Can I pay on mobile?

A. No, currently we do not offer mobile payment.


Q. Where can I contact about payment?

A. Use '1:1 question' in the flow or to ''.

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