How can I make a payment for business account?

1. At the top of the main screen, you’ll see ‘Make a payment’ on a free trial period guide. If you select that, you can register your card information for payment.

- Currently, Samsung card is in the process of approval and cannot be used. It will be supported in the future.


2. Enter your name, email, card number, expiration date, first two digits of your card password and business registration number or date of birth, and check on the periodic billing terms and conditions. If it is an company’s credit card, enter the corporation number, and if it is a personal card, enter the date of birth.

* If you select annual payment, you can save 20%.


3. If you’re recommended to use our service by others, you can put his/her ID and take extra discount. (optional)


4. When you enter all the information, 'Register Card Information’ button will be activated. If you select it,  a 1,000 won will be automatically paid and returned to check whether your card is activated or not.


5. All the payment process is now complete. You can now enjoy business version.

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