How is the company invitation different from the project invitation?

1. Team invitation

It is literally inviting people to work together on the team. In short, you can invite our team and company members. This is when you invite people to be bundled together as members. If you are on the same team, project invitations are defaulted to the list and are easy to manage.

1) Invite by team manager (Manager only)

: You can email team URLs with the "Invite" button.


[Team member invitation screen when creating first team]


[Location of the 'Invite team members' button at the top of the main screen]


2) Ask team members to participate directly (Join by team URL)

Other staff can forward the team URL address. For example, if the team URL you created is 'abc', the team URL will be 'abc.flow.tem'. If other employees access the URL, they will access the company (team) page, and if they sign up there easily, they will be part of the same company (team).



2. Project invitation

It invites participants to the project you want to invite. Projects can invite internal team members (companies) as well as external partners to collaborate together. One thing to keep in mind is that project participants should be carefully selected because they can see all the information in the project.


                               [Project Invitation]

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