How to handle multiple business accounts

When you join a business membership(paying user) and create multiple company accounts, those accounts will not be linked together(even if the creator’s same) into one and will be separated. If so, it will be recognized as different companies, which will be inconvenient if you try to invite your staffs to a project, and the administrator also cannot manage the whole account easily, which is bad for security. In this case, each accounts should be merged into a single company, but first you need to decide which company(use as business ID) would be the main. The best way to do this is that choose an account which has the most uploaded contents.


  1. If you have chosen a main company account to use, others who are not in that main account will need to delete(remove) their different accounts or use different email addresses. If you really need to to use your current email which is registered on another account, please give us his/her name, and we will delete the account. (You cannot use the same email address on multiple accounts)
  2. Once your main account is cleared, please forward the main account’s URL (https://’CreatedURL’ to other staffs through the 'emails or Kakao Talks'. At this time, staffs should not be logged in the existing(another) flow.



For example, go to the company’s url-page like the above image. Be sure to select 'Sign up for a "company's name"' at the bottom.


  1. On the subscription page, fill in the email(no duplicated), name, password, and confirm a password, then check the terms and conditions and select sign up. You will now belong to a company that has accessed the specific URL.



  1. To check staffs’ registration status on the company, select the profile image in the upper right corner on the main screen, and select Preferences. Only the company's full administrator can identify registered members.


Select 'Manage User' from the left menu (It appears only to the company's full administrator).


Then you can check the employee list that belongs to the company. Only the full administrator can view this, and to assign a member to be an administrator, select assign(next to administrator).


  1. The best way to import the contents and files from different accounts into the current account is that simply copy each files through drag&drop, and upload them as new posts. Otherwise, you can invite the newly created account to an existing project. That way, you can continue to use the project.


However, here are some restrictions below to use the second method.

1) The previous company’s account must be remained.

2) This means that you should not delete the account which described in the first step above.


If you have any questions about the above descriptions, please feel free to contact us at 1:1contact.

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