How to handle multiple team accounts

If you create a company while joining the team version, you will create your own company without being bound to one company. If you do this, it will be recognized as a different company, which is inconvenient when you invite a project, and the administrator cannot manage the account, which is not good for security. The account should be merged into a single company, but first you need to decide which company to use (Usage institution). The best way to do this is to decide which company has the most written content.


1. If you have chosen a company to use, others will need to delete (remove) the account they are using or use a different email. If you want to use the e-mail you are currently using, please forward the name of the person who requests withdrawal to the Flow Team and we will take care of it (If your email account is duplicated, you won't be able to subscribe to the same email.).


2. Once your account is cleared, we will forward the URL ( of the company you decided to use to other employees through 'email or Kakao Talk'. At this time, employees should not be logged in to the existing flow.



So, for example, go to the company-specific page as above. Be sure to select 'Sign up for a company name' at the bottom.


3. On the subscription page, fill in the email (no duplicate), name, password, and password confirmation, then check the terms and conditions and sign up. You will now belong to a company that has access to the URL.



4. To see that employees belong to the company, select the profile image in the upper right corner and select Settings. Only the company's overall administrator can identify registered employees.


Select 'Manage User' from the left menu (Appears only to the company's general administrator).


Then you can check the employee list that belongs to the company. This menu is a screen that can only be viewed by a company administrator. To register another employee as a company administrator, select Cogwheel Icon > General Administrator' at the right end of the employee.


5. The best way to import the contents and files uploaded from different companies (Usage institution) into the current company flow is to copy them one by one by drag & drop, upload the files again, and create new ones. Otherwise, you can invite the newly created account to an existing project. That way, you can continue to use the project.


However, there are the following restrictions to use the latter method.

1) The account of the company you created and used before must remain alive.

2) This means that you should not delete the account described in step 1.

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