Browser(desktop) notifications are not coming

Browser(desktop) notifications are operated on Chrome/Safari/Firefox. If you are using those browsers but couldn’t receive notifications, please check the description below. If you are using an Internet Explorer(IE), you should change it to Chrome, Safari or Firefox browser because it does not support browser notification function for IE.

[Download here]


1. If notification settings are turned off.

: You can turn on the notification at [Preferences] - [Push notification settings]. 



2. If browser notification permissions are blocked

: When you first use flow, you might not be notified even if you have blocked browser notification permissions. At this point, you can receive notifications after unblocking them by following the instructions on how to turn off the notification block at the link below.




If you have tried all the ways on above and are not still receiving notifications,

please check if you have turned off individual project notifications on the program.



Still does not work?

Please contact us by e-mail! We'll check it out as soon as possible.


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